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HealthBrew Clinic

Welcome to a world of timeless beauty. Explore our refined selection of anti-aging protocols & supplements

Wellness Products

Amplify your wellness stack with expertly sourced ingredients and products! The HealthBrew brand is also available in most major retailers!

Protocol Based Medicine

HealthBrew Clinic is an online longevity clinic offering & managing protocols for hair, skin, brain, & cell redox & anti-aging. Subscribe to a growing menu of protocols from the comfort of home!


Meet HealthBrew's Medical Director

Dr. Alex AntoniouMD, MBA, MAis the Founder & Medical Director of HealthBrew Clinic. Dr. Alex is a Johns Hopkins physician with residency training in Nuclear Medicine, research in Molecular and Cellular Medicine, advanced certifications in Peptide Therapy, and fellowship and advanced training in Clinical Informatics and Longevity Medicine.


Specialty Labs

Currently our main focus is on anti-aging, nutrient sufficiency, and gut-health. Discover your biological age and book a free follow up appointment to review your results!