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Available In 18 States: AL, AZ, CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MT, OH, PA, TX, VA, WA, WV, WI

Same Day Enrollment!

Step 1 - Purchase Protocol Subscription.

Step 2 - Meet with Dr. Alex Antoniou.

Step 3 - You're In! Receive Protocol Meds By Mail.

Memberships Range From $296/month To $692/month.

Doctor Visits, Medications, and Discounted Supplements All Included! Labs are also included if required for the protocol.

This is private practice not silicon valley startup--that means we're flexible, meet you where you are, and focus on outcomes not processes.

Hair Growth

The HealthBrew Protocol targets the actual downstream genetic mechanism of hair growth. The Wnt/Beta-catenin pathway is a critical signaling pathway for regulating hair growth that can be affected by both hormonal and inflammatory changes.

If you're just starting on your health growth journey but aren't ready to enroll in a prescription strength protocol than it's a good idea to start with HealthBrew's non-prescription Haircare line.

Skin Anti-Aging

🚀 Revolutionary protocol, for both men and women, consists of 4 topical ingredients that target the cellular mechanisms of skin aging. Some say it's even better than botox with longer lasting benefits but without the injections! This is prescription skin care and not everyone is eligible. We recommend Collagen supplements if your diet doesn't have enough healthy 🐟 protein. You could also start with HealthBrew's non-prescription anti-aging skincare line if you're not ready or don't need prescription-strength therapy.

Men & Women's Growth Hormone Booster

High dose Sermorelin with gradual dose escalation.Lower dosesfor muscle recovery andhigher dosesfor both muscle recovery and fat loss support.

$TBD Custom Protocol Formulation

Interested in something that we don't currently offer? As a longevity clinic and clinicians whose life and career is about helping others, we're interested to hear from you and see how we can help.

Book a short visit and if it's something Dr. Alex can build a recovery plan for, then we'll schedule a longer follow up visit!

ADD-ON IN 2025/2026


💪 Physical Health Coaching
💆 Mental Health Coaching
🚦 Nutrition Coaching
🤝 Relationship Health Coaching
*Nutritionists, Exercise physiologists, Relationship experts, and Stress management experts among others--please reach out to be included in our network build-out! Let us know your strengths & which states you are licensed in. We plan on rolling out virtual sessions nationwide!
Add-On in 2025

Ready To Subscribe?

When purchasing your subscription, you'll be asked to book a virtual visit with Dr. Alex and to fill out a short 5-minute health survey. It's important to go over the protocol steps and to also meet your doctor so you feel comfortable reaching out 24/7 as a new member!

Not Ready To Subscribe? Book A FREE & Quick 15-Minute Discovery Call.

Book a free call with Dr. Alex right here. Share your story, ask your questions, get clarity, and hopefully there's a program or protocol that is a good fit for you!